Friday, February 09, 2007


LEEMA, the story of a Kabuli girl and her blind parents, directed by Mohammad Mehdi Zafari, Afghanistan, 2007.

Theme (from Mohammad Mehdi Zafari email to Prof. Pocock):
The theme of the film is related to a four and half year old child called Leema , whose parents are blind.
Leema and her parents are living in Kabul's Disabled Center. Leema’s father is an English teacher in a School for the Blind in Kabul. Although Leema is too young, she has great expectations and helps her parents.
This film points out a few problems for the Blind in Afghanistan.

Note: Prof. Pocock taught art and media and helped set up the Faculty of Fine Art University of Kabul in 2004. Mehdi Zafari made sculpture and video in his workshop titled 'Landscape of Memories'.


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