Thursday, December 14, 2006

Arctic Circle double video, Felix Stephan Huber / Philip Pocock, 1995

Arctic Circle is an early cyber video performance and roadmovie - still up at - a 'double travel' taking two artists North to a last great remote wilderness on earth, the Arctic in Canada, where they 'connect' with virtual co-travelers in the very early days of Net culture via email from trailer parks, auto repair shops and research stations, constructing a video performance website as they go 'on the road' and over the Infobahn. Arctic Circle, as such, is media critical, questioning our place, our identity within geographical or datagraphical frameworks simultaneously.

What begins as a 1970s-oriented 'travel-as-art' conceptual performance, where two artists make their way up 1000s of kilometers of road to the Arctic Circle to walk along it and transmit that to 'co-traveller' via the Internet in 1995, develops into 1990s pulp melodrama, when two hitchhikers, Norah and Nicolas, hop on board, and any and all preconceived ideas are chucked out the 1974 SuperVan window.


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