Sunday, October 15, 2006

StudySwarm Tagcloud

Getting Started with

On our netvibes [login:, password --> email me for it] shared flexible layout and content screenworld, there is a 'Tagcloud' from, a Social Bookmarking site.

What is social bookmarking?
is a social bookmarking website, which means it is designed to allow you to store and share bookmarks on the web. You can get to your bookmarks from anywhere, no matter whether you're at home, at work, in a library, or on a friend's computer. You can share your bookmarks publicly. You can find other people on who have interesting bookmarks and add their links to your own collection. weight:bold;">What are tags?

Tags are one-word descriptors that you can assign to your bookmarks on They're a little bit like keywords but non-hierarchical. You can assign as many tags to a bookmark as you like and easily rename or delete them later. Tagging can be a lot easier and more flexible than fitting your information into preconceived categories or folders. - Join!


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